Meet Vanessa, the licensed piercer and tattoo removal specialist at Mohave Creative Tattoo. Vanessa combines her passion for body modification with her commitment to professionalism, safety, and client satisfaction.

Vanessa has extensive training and experience in body piercing and tattoo removal. As a tattoo removal specialist, she is dedicated to providing her clients with a comfortable and safe experience using the latest laser technology to achieve the best results.

At Mohave Creative Tattoo, Vanessa uses only high-quality, sterile equipment and follows strict hygiene and safety protocols to ensure a safe and healthy experience for her clients. She takes the time to educate her clients on proper aftercare and maintenance to ensure the healing process is smooth and successful.

With a warm and welcoming demeanor, Vanessa creates a friendly and inclusive environment for her clients. Whether you’re looking to get a piercing, a new tattoo, or remove an old one, Vanessa is committed to making your experience at Mohave Creative Tattoo a positive one. Visit Vanessa today and achieve your desired body modification with safety and professionalism.



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